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More control over sorting options in the pedias

For the sorting in CDpedia - you can tell the program to sort artists by last name (just as in Bookpedia for the author field) by holding down the Option key and then sorting the Artist column. That'll sort Elvis Presley under P instead of E. (But then The Rolling Stones will be sorted under S.)

For even more control over the sorting process, use the 'Sort Artist' field to tell the program exactly by what to sort a particular artist. If you don't see that field in the Edit window, go into your Preferences/Fields and check the little box next to the 'Sort Artist' field for the Add/Edit window.
Once the field appears for you in the Add/Edit window you can then enter whatever sorting you want the program to take into account. For example "The" or "The Rolling Stones" to have them sorted under T.

 Depending on the pedia, you might have a "Sort Title" field instead of a "Sort Artist". This has the same functionality but for titles instead of artists. 

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