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Can I get a Pedia localized in my language?

At the moment we don't have any plans to add further localizations to the programs but you could change the field titles into your language if you'd like. To do this, go into the applications bundle by ctrl-clicking the Bookpedia icon, choosing "show package contents" and navigating to /Contents/Resources/English.lproj/RealTitles.strings. Open this file in a text editor and translate the right side to what you would like each field to be. This will display those names in the column headers, the info view and also when doing an export to a HTML template. Keep a copy of this file after modifying it in another location so that you can drop it in again when you upgrade the program. One of the places this change will not reflect is the edit/add window. This takes a little more work and you have to use Interface Builder, a free developer program. If you want to go this far, let us know as you will need a custom plug-in from us for Interface Builder to be able to open the Bookpedia files. 

Eventually we'd like to have a website where users can upload their localizations and add/edit those that are already present. 

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