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How do I merge custom info on a database? Or how do I manipulate data in the database?

You have to use the SQLite backend to manipulate the data in the databases directly. 


  1. Before you do this though, be sure to backup your entire data folder first (~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia or pedia name) since we'll be accessing the data directly.
  2. Make sure the program is not running
  3. Open a Terminal: Applications/Utilities/Terminal
  4. Call SQLite with your database by typing this into the terminal
    1. sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/DVDpedia/Database.pediadata
    2. substitute DVDpedia for whatever pedia you are using. 
  5. Run your SQL commands
    1. You can find a lot of information on SQL commands on the web
  6. Restart the application and check your data. 
  7. If everything goes horribly wrong, don't worry, that's why you did a backup at the beginning. You did do it right?




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