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Adding a field to the Export templates

The templates are HTML-based. You can use any HTML or text editor to edit them.  

Ctrl-click (right-click) the DVDpedia icon and choose 'Show package contents' from the contextual menu. Then navigate to Contents/Resources/Templates/ and look for the file "PrintingCDSize.html". Open that file with a good text editor. (If you're using TextEdit, make sure you use the 'Open' command and check the box to 'Ignore rich text commands'.)

Now you have to add the Collection ID tag where you want it to appear in the template. If, for example, you want to add it between the Release Date and Duration, you look for the following line:

<span class="fieldTitle">[translate:releaseDate]: </span><span class="field">[key:releaseDate]</span><br /><br />

And you add the Collection ID information right after it, so it'll look like this:

<span class="fieldTitle">[translate:releaseDate]: </span><span class="field">[key:releaseDate]</span><br /><br />

<span class="fieldTitle">[translate:collectionID]: </span><span class="field">[key:collectionID]</span><br /><br />

To save your template, create a new folder titled 'Templates' inside your home folder under ~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia/ and place the template in there. If you like, you can change the name of it too so you remember which template it is that you customized. Name it 'PrintingMyCDSize.html', for example. (It always has to have Printing as a prefix so the program knows that it's one of the printing templates.)

If you were to keep the template inside the application with the other templates, it would get overwritten every time you update the program.

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