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How can I export in text format but also include the Cover images?

You can include images in the text-based formats with a bit of extra work: open Text Edit or your preferred text editing program. (If it's Text Edit, make sure you set the file to plain text.) Then copy paste this into the file:

[key:title] [key:author] [key:genre] /Users/[UserName]/Library/Application Support/Bookpedia/Covers/[key:uid].jpg

This particular export template now would export the title, autor, genre and cover image location for all your entries. (Make sure you change [UserName] for your actual user name on the computer) If you want to add more fields, just make sure you separate them by tab just like the first few fields. (Including the summary field is probably not a good idea...) Save the file and move it into your Bookpedia template folder, located in your Home folder under ~/Library/Application Support/Bookpedia/Templates.

Now when you go back to the export feature in Bookpedia, you'll see your template under the Text Template drop down menu, ready to export.

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