Updating to 5.0

We're sorry, it seems that the automatic upgrade purchase ran into an error. Please email us at with your name and email address so we can look into it.

Upgrade prices
1 application:     US$ 12
2 applications:    US$ 24
3 applications:    US$ 29
4 applications:    US$ 36
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to upgrade?
No, if you'd prefer to keep using version 4 of the Pedias, you may do so for as long as you like. You can download version 4.6.8, the last version before the 5.0 update, here: DVDpedia 4.6.8, Bookpedia 4.6.8, CDpedia 4.6.8, Gamepedia 4.6.8.

Do delete the version 5 database file (Database.*pd) in case you do decide to update at some point in the future. That way the program will be forced to update your database again from version 4.6.8. You will find the file to delete in your Home folder under ~/Library/Application Support/[name of the Pedia program]/Database.*pd.
I just bought the program(s). Do I need to pay again?
If you purchased the program(s) after October 1, 2010 you are eligible for a free upgrade and do not have to purchase a new serial number. Just download version 5.x and you're all set.

What happens to my data when I update?
Version 5 uses a different database format which means the database needs to update itself before it can run this new version. The first time you run version 5, the program will automatically create a copy of the old data file (Database.pediadata) and update that copy to thew new format (Database.*pd).