Plug-in suite: AlloCiné, Screenrush, Filmstarts & SensaCine
This suite of DVDpedia search plug-ins, written by DVDpedia user Renan, gives users access to four different websites in four different languages: AlloCiné from France, Screenrush from the UK, Filmstarts from Germany and SensaCine from Spain.

Downloading the suite will automatically install all four plug-ins in DVDpedia but you can turn them on or off as needed in the DVDpedia Preferences/Sites.


The code for the plug-ins is available on Google Code if you'd like to change things for your personal use or help improve them for the future.

Updated: version 1.1 (5/03/13)
To have this plug-in automatically install itself in DVDpedia, use the 'download and install' link.

If you'd prefer to download the plug-in and then install it manually (i.e. double-click the file or drag it over the DVDpedia icon), use the 'download' link.

If you would like to learn more about writing your your own plug-ins, have a look at our plug-ins page.