Importing from mp4 files ??

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Importing from mp4 files ??

Postby Coconut » Sat May 25, 2019 4:54 am


I find that importing from my mp4 movie files is inconsistant.

All my movie files are carefully filled with metadata coming from IVI or iFlicks.

Most of the time, moving the files to the DVDPedia icon imports the metadata correctly
But for some files, there is simply nothing imported apart from the title

Checking my files with mediainfo, i can see that all the information is in the file.

Something is not working correctly with version 5.61 but the results are the same with beta 5.93
All this trial is made on MacOS 10.13

Is there a solution ?

Thank you for reading
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Re: Importing from mp4 files ??

Postby Conor » Mon May 27, 2019 3:39 pm

Is there a metadata attribute that the ones not getting imported share. It's likely a field format I did not take into account. Such as a particular formatting for a date say. Could you have a look at your console log, see if there are any messages from DVDpedia? You can access the console log via the application 'Console', located inside your Applications/Utilities. The newer messages are towards the end of the log. Do this right after importing one of the files that does not import the metadata.
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