Bookpedia 6.0 Publisher Name

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Bookpedia 6.0 Publisher Name

Postby kencmcg » Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:27 pm

Here is what is happening: I am manually entering a book. I am trying to enter a publisher name that has all upper case letters. In this case, it is MAFCA. I have entered books with this publisher name before with no problem. Now, however it searches for an existing name as I type in MA, but it finds Macmillan and changes the A in MAFCA to a lower case a. Then, as I continue to type, I end up with MaFCA. It won't allow me to edit it. No matter how many times I type A there, it returns an a.
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Re: Bookpedia 6.0 Publisher Name

Postby Conor » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:38 am

Thank you for the carefully worded bug report, so that I could grasp it correctly.

Because the value MaFCA was entered once it's part of the suggestions it thinks you would like. Follow the following steps to fix:

Visit the menu Bookpedia -> Preferences and then the Autofill tab.
Change the pop-up to Publisher.
Look for the incorrect MaFCA (The listing is in alphabetical order).
Double click and correct it to MAFCA.

Now when you type it will still suggest Macmillan first as it comes alphabetically first, but when you type F it will then correct to the next possible solution in your list, that should be all capitals now.

For conveience to the user its case insensitive. For speed it stops at the first match. I've added an enhancement to check the next few alphabetically sorted values and if the capitalization is a better match prefer the stronger match, already in the beta version, so that you need only type MA instead of MAF.
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