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Postby FineWine » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:43 pm

NOW for the biggie suggestion (double :roll: groan :roll: )

I split this off from my previous Topic: A few Suggestions

This suggestion comes from a streaming prespective and ties into this Topic "Cosmetic: consider renaming CDPedia and DVDPedia" I've been a member of IMDb since 2000 and have amassed quite a large quantity of movies and TV shows that I have IMDb 'User' star rated and I also have a continuing evolving list of movies and TV shows I 'want' to watch in my "Watchlist" but not necessarily buy.

I started using IMDb 'User' star rating system for one reason only and that was to give me an indication of all the movies and TV shows I have watched. This has now become more imperative with today's 'Streaming' ability of not only new content but previously available content on VHS/DVD/Blue-ray which is no longer available in those formats but is now becoming available as rental streaming media or buy download media only.

1 - To achieve the following you would have to sign in to your IMDb. This would be via a similar sign in procedure in Preferences > Sites > Amazon Settings that the pedia's presently use for Amazon AWS except it could be: Preferences > Sites > IMDb Settings. Keeping in mind that there are 4 sign in methods; IMDb, Amazon, Facebook & Google, mine is IMDb. there could in future be a 5th sign-in via the new Sign In with Apple option.

2 - When the pedia user is signed into IMDb via the pedia, to code into DVDpedia the ability to grab that same personal users IMDb "Star-Rating-Value" (IMDb code = <span class="star-rating-value"></span>) and automatically give the correct amount of pedia Entry Tag "[key:myRating]" Stars, 1 to 10.

3 - As well as suggestion 2, add a new Field in the Edit & Details views "My Rating" and convert the stars to a numerical value, 1 to 10, for those two areas. I know this is present in the List views and Standard Detail view Templates but only as stars.

This way a pedia user who is also a IMDb user who now owns a physical or downloaded copy, now automatically knows that that movie or TV show has been watched and this is the personal user rating that was given. This is particularly important now that we are not buying physical media but streaming or buying downloads.

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