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Adding genre

Postby amstrong32 » Fri Sep 25, 2020 4:59 am

Hiking Shoes Vs Hiking Boots – Which Is The Best Choice For You?

Are you looking for new hiking footwear that most appropriate for you and you are wondering whether a pair of best hiking boots in the world will suit you or a pair of best-rated hiking boots is better? This post will answer all of your questions and help you find out the perfect footwear to support you on every expectable journey in the future.

Hiking shoes and hiking boots are specifically designed for hiking lovers, they are both able to assist your feet during hiking time but the differences between them in designs and functionality will bring you different types of help.

1. Differences in design

There is a huge discrepancy when it comes to cuts of hiking shoes and boots: hiking shoes cut off under the ankle while hiking boots’ cuts range from mid to high that provide better protection and balance for your ankle. Therefore, if you like hiking on flat roads, hiking shoes will be a viable option for you. However, if you fancy going to places with more rugged terrain or off-trail, you should buy a pair of rugged hiking boots to best care for your feet.

Almost popular hiking boots are well-cushioned that will keep your feet comfortable all day long. As a result, hiking boots often heavier and larger in shape than hiking shoes, making them less flexible and difficult to pack.

Best quality hiking boots are usually better at keeping warm even than a pair of best waterproof hiking shoes since their designs same as winter boots. Combined with thick socks to make a perfect couple, so that you will have an amazing winter trek under beautiful white snow while your feet are being well-safeguarded.


2. Differences in features

A great spot that you can only find on hiking shoes but not any other types of boot is no break-in time. However, all the Best Rated Hiking Boots required a break-in period of about a weak to fully adjust the whole boots based on the shape of your feet for the best support and comfort. So if you need to buy a pair of shoes to use urgently for your trip in the next 1-2 days, hiking shoes will be a better choice.

If you go with shoes, all you should do is purchase a pair of the best waterproof hiking shoes that quickly dry out when exposed to water. Water-resistance is a needed feature that will bring you a great experience during any kind of trip.


Although hiking boots frequently take more time to dry, they are more durable in comparison with even the best hiking shoes. So that if you are wondering between a pair of shoes and a pair of boots of the same price, quality hiking boots will be much more valuable in terms of time.

Useful Reference: Hiking Boots Reviews

By now, you should have given yourself the answer about whether to buy hiking shoes or hiking boots that is best for you, right? I hope this post has helped you come up with criteria for selecting the best suitable pair of hiking footwear for yourself. Keep in mind that comfortable hiking boots will empower you to go further on your future journeys, and also your life's journey. So that, making the right choice is extremely important, let's be careful, buddy!
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Re: Adding genre

Postby Conor » Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:39 am

It's showing the common genres for the selection. In your case it might be that all the books have exactly the same genre, but it could be that it's a partial match only. Hence it can't add the new genre entered in the exact order, as there might be other genres not shared that are not shown for some of the entries.

You have to tell it manually to remove the genres first and then add them back in the new order.

1. Select all the books you want to change,
2. Open multi edit and set the genre list as you want it and copy it.
3. Use delete key to blank out and leave empty but checked.
4. Press okay.
5. Open for edit again and now paste your genre list and press okay.
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