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Editing Template

Postby jimmbo » Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:53 am

I have added a custom column, titled "Blu Ray?", and I mark in an asterisk for blu-ray titles. I want this data included in exports.

I use "MyKuzDVD" template. I changed the code in the template, per below, and while it does output "Blu Ray or DVD:" in the export, it does not output the asterisk (when present). Any ideas? Also, if there's a less clumsy way to mark this, please let me know!

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</a><a href="javascript:share([key:uid]);"><img src="sharing/addlibrary.png" title="Add to my Library"></a></b></p>
 <span class="style1">
<b>Blu Ray or DVD:</b>
[key:Blu Ray?]<BR>

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