Bookpedia: "topics" (Themen) field as "tags" after update

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Bookpedia: "topics" (Themen) field as "tags" after update

Postby ella » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:18 am

Recently I updated to 5.7.0 after quite a time. Everything seems fine, only today I realized that everything I put into the field "topicd" (German: Themen) – which was a plain text field and I used it for table of content of many books – is formatted as kind of "tags", which does not make sense at all, as surnames, names, titles, page numbers of articles etc. are all separated into these blue bubbles and all the line breaks have gone. Even if I'd used it for some kind of keywords before I don't think the algorithm could analyse which words or combinations make sense as tags and convert them automatically.

How can I configure this field not to behave like this and revert the field content into normal plain text?

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Re: Bookpedia: "topics" (Themen) field as "tags" after updat

Postby FineWine » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:09 pm

HI this sounds like one for Conor. Please email

Also please provide what macOS version you are using. Bookpedia 5.7.0 is not optimised for Catalina or Big Sur which are optimised for 64bit programs only. If you are able please update your Pedia's to the latest version from here These beta's are very stable.

Also have a read here:
MacOs Big Sur
pedia 6 database and 5.7
Re: MacOs Big Sur

Cheers and stay safe
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