Two-way sync issues

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Two-way sync issues

Postby joseluismen » Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:28 am

I have three iMacs (two with Capitan and one with Catalina). I therefore use Bookpedia 5.6.1 / 5.7 in the former, and the latter with the latest version 6 downloaded from the Mac Apple Store.
I also have an iPad 3 with iOS 9.3.6 and an iPhone 8+ with iOS 14.4 (just updated a few days ago). In both I have the latest compatible version of Pocketpedia installed, as I cannot see the version number they should be according to the store 3.6.0 on iPad and 3.6.2 on iPhone, I understand.
At first, I was adding books in a library on one of the iMac with El Capitan, and then I synchronized both mobile devices. At some point I copied that library to the second iMac, and continued to sync with the initial iMac normally. I do not remember if I have ever synchronized with the second or not. I usually work at Bookpedia on the iMac at home (the first one).
This year I got a new iMac with Catalina (I haven't upgraded to Big Sur yet for compatibility with other apps).
And I passed the library from the first entirely to this new iMac. I have worked here ever since. Now I would like to transfer this library to the office iMac, and for this I thought about synchronizing the iPad with the old library that I had there.
In the one at home, he had 1802 books, and 1782 in the one with the mac in the office. When syncing with Bookpedia 5.6.1, it gives me an error and crashes the program. After restarting it, I try again and now it does it. But to do this, it simply deletes the entire library from the newer iPad, and replaces it with the old one from the Mac. Is that the right thing to do?
As a second attempt, I completely deleted the library from the mac (after making an external backup) and I try again: I get a box to authorize the synchronization, but it is not done. The new library is still completely empty and does not recover the one that the iPad now has. (the older)
So syncing isn't two-way between devices and macs?
Does this double meaning require certain versions or is it something else that I have not taken into account?
Now that I use different systems on the mac and different versions of Bookpedia (also dvdpedia and cdpedia), if I just swap copies of my user library folder to an external disk, can they be shared between different versions of the application?
That is why, I had first tried with the devices, I thought it would be easier to simply add books in a copy, synchronize the device and then synchronize it with the other computer. And if I add more here, sync back to home. I see that it is more complicated than it initially seemed.
Jose Luis

P.S. Mechanically translated message, since I do not speak English, I apologize if I have not expressed myself correctly or is not well understood.
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Re: Two-way sync issues

Postby FineWine » Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:24 pm

This seems to be an edge case scenario.

I beleive the less complicated method would be to just use your office Catalina iMac as your master database repository for all your pedia's. You would then sync all your iDevices with this one only. Then every so often copy to a suitable sized memory stick your different databases from your master office Catalina machine and paste and overwrite your other iMac's databases.

The more complicated but efficient way is to sync via a cloud repository like iCloud or Dropbox between iMac's. Have a read of this Topic: Sync between Macs

These are the Folders and Files that should be in ~/Library/Application Support/*****pedia/ .



The above entries in blue are Folders do not delete them or their contents.

AND of course do not delete: Database.*****pd OR Pocketpedia.*****pd

NOTE: ***** represents the particular pedia - Book, DVD, CD or Game

The Files with the suffix; .shm & .wal can be deleted as they are changed and recreated automatically again on each starting up of your pedia. You can think of them as a temporary index cache files. The Database and Backup files are self explanatory so not advisable to delete those. The .xml are again a type of index file for your autofill fields and are important so do not delete those two. You can clean these up to some extend within each Pedia's Preferences > Autofill.
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