Using TMDB as main search

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Using TMDB as main search

Postby madmax889 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:34 am

Is there a way to make the search function when adding the titles use TMDB instead of it using IMDB first?
I have removed the IMDB selection from the little drop down menu button in the search results window.

I also have an issue when i now select the up/down arrow button on cells that i have created and added in different words/names that i now can't click the two arrow buttons to bring up the list of whats previously been used.

Any help would be great. Have been using DVD media for years and it has my whole collection on it.
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Re: Using TMDB as main search

Postby FineWine » Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:01 pm

Welcome to the these forums.

1 - you can adjust the order of search within Preferences > Sites > click and hold and drag up or down each site to priorities the search order.

2 - as to the drop down autofill boxes not working, I am not sure why that has stopped working in your case. I can suggest two things:

a) you delete DVDpedia - When I am updating App's to a new WHOLE number version or upgrading to a new OS version, or I know that there has been a major rewrite of the App such as with the case of all the pedia's for 64 bit technology and Apple's new OS 11.0.0 Big Sur, I do a complete uninstall of the old version prior to update. I achieve this by using a FREE program called AppCleaner which you can download from here. On using this App place a check mark IN ALL the boxes EXCEPT: ~/Library/Application Support/*****pedia , which is the second line down from the top. This is where your data base is located. Ensure that is NOT ticked. Plus if you want to save your Preference Settings UNTICK ~/Library/Preferences/com.bruji.dvdpedia.plist which second up from the bottom of the list.


2 - These are the Folders and Files that should be in ~/Library/Application Support/*****pedia/ .



The above entries in blue are Folders do not delete them or their contents.

AND of course do not delete: Database.*****pd OR Pocketpedia.*****pd

NOTE: ***** represents the particular pedia - Book, DVD, CD or Game

The Files with the suffix; .shm & .wal can be deleted as they are changed and recreated automatically again on each starting up of your pedia. You can think of them as a temporary index cache files. The Database and Backup files are self explanatory so not advisable to delete those. The .xml are again a type of index file for your autofill fields and are important so do not delete those two. You can clean these up to some extend within each Pedia's Preferences > Autofill.

b) Install the latest beta version from here The beta are perfectly stable releases.
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