Book Cover export with ISBN number instead numbers.

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Book Cover export with ISBN number instead numbers.

Postby paologenovese » Fri May 10, 2013 3:49 am

Hi, how can i export cover from Bookpedia with isbn numbers as name, instead of 1.jpg,2.jpg etc.?
2 - Is it possible to export also the photos name in csv format from bookpedia?
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Re: Book Cover export with ISBN number instead numbers.

Postby Conor » Fri May 10, 2013 5:19 am

1. You would need to write your own custom text export script to change the names. The link is for DVDpedia but can easily be adapted to Bookpedia and ISBN with:

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mkdir /Users/[UserName]/Desktop/Book-Images-ISBN/[key:isbn].jpg
<!--BeginRepeat-->cp -f "/Users/[UserName]/Library/Application Support/Bookpedia/Covers/[key:uid].jpg" "/Users/[UserName]/Desktop/Book-Images-ISBN/[key:isbn].jpg"

[UserName] needs to be changed to your user name and the file saved in ~/Library/Applications Support/Bookpedia/Templates/isbn-image.txt and it will appear as a possibility for export under text exports. Copy pasting the resulting export text into /Applications/Utilities/Terminal would result in a folder with all the images names after their ISBN number.

If you are then going to use it with an HTML export you would write a customized version that uses <img src="/isbnImages/[key:imdb].jpg" /> to reference the image.

2. The above script is exploiting the text template that is normally used for CSV export and can be adapted to have any information you want including just the image names.

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<!--BeginRepeat-->[key:title]   [key:isbn]   [key:uid].jpg"
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