Can I run 2 DVDpedias to manage 2 different types of info?

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Can I run 2 DVDpedias to manage 2 different types of info?

Postby ScottH » Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:51 pm

I'm a longtime DVDpedia user, and have over 1500 video titles in a few different collections. But now I want to maintain and manage a library of video clips (not whole movies). While some fields are similar (title, date, starring, etc.), many are different (resolution, custom tags, etc.) and many have a different priority. I know I can maintain a separate collection that isn't part of the library, but what I'd really like to do is modify the names and types of custom fields, and their location on the Add screen, so that they're arranged for video clips when I'm working on them, and for DVDs when I'm working on them.

Is there any way to have 2 completely different instances of DVDpedia run, complete with their own custom preferences, as well as collections? I really don't want to see the video clip collections when I'm looking at DVDs, and vice versa--they're unrelated. I basically want to run a second DVDpedia that I've customized in appearance, collections, custom fields, etc. just for video clips, and still be able to go back to my "original" DVDpedia that manages my DVDs without that one changing at all.

I thought about buying another pedia like CDpedia to handle the video clips, but it seems like that one is so customized for music files that I'd be getting into a lot of work to customize it for anything else.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Re: Can I run 2 DVDpedias to manage 2 different types of inf

Postby Conor » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:50 am

You can rename the data folder in "~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia" without DVDpedia running and then when you launch DVDpedia again it will create a brand new database. You can launch a specific data folder by clicking the "Database.dvdpd" file inside. You can also launch DVDpedia while holding down the option key, to be prompted which database folder to use. You can also move them both to a more convenient location then your Library folder.

To get to the Library folder hold down the option key and then click on the Finder "Go" menu and select the "Library" option.

That is the good news the bad news is that although some info is stored in the data folder, such as custom field names, some of the info such as order and location of the fields in the add/edit window is part of the preferences. So if you want to customize these differently for each database. There used to be a program that would change the preference file and library folder for any app, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I think it fell in popularity after iPhoto started allowing multiple libraries.

Do give the two databases a try and it might be similar enough that not changing the location of the fields might be manageable.
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