Full Screen Mode Video
Video created with Snapz Pro X (which we got by trading DVDpedia with the awesome developers at Ambrosia) and iMovie '08 (which is a pleasure to use but Apple wouldn't consider trading).

To access full screen mode, go into the View menu > Full Screen Mode, use the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-U or hold down the menu button of your Apple Remote. (Clicking the menu button still brings up Front Row.)

To navigate around full screen mode, use the arrow keys, your mouse or the Apple remote. At the bottom part of the full screen window you'll find a little menu with several options:

  • the horizontal lines bring up a details window for the selected entry.

  • the triangle starts the movie if there is one attached to the entry. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Option-P to play the movie or click on the little triangle in the bottom right corner.

  • the magnifying glass brings up a window to narrow the search for similar entries

  • the vertical lines bring up your collections

  • and the cross quits full screen mode.

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