Dark iPhone Export Template
This iPhone export template, written by DVDpedia user Burkhard Mudrick, also known as Mac-Cypher on the Bruji Forum, is perfect for viewing your DVDpedia collection on the iPhone and iPod touch.

It includes an elegant jewelcase display for the cover images, collapsed details so you don't have to scroll around a lot and has a very clean and professional look. (If you prefer lighter colors, be sure to check out his Safari template for the iPhone!) For best performance, sort your collection by a column such as Genre before export.

(Please note, this is the 'midi' version of his template. If you'd prefer a version with all the fields included or a minimal one with just the essentials, head on over to his website to download those.)

template screenshot

To have the template automatically install itself in DVDpedia, use the 'download and install' link.

If you'd prefer to download the template and then install it manually (i.e. double-click the file or drag it over the DVDpedia icon), use the 'download' link.

If you would like to change the template or write your own, have a look at our how-to section on templates.