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Doghouse, Bookpedia's very own search database

One of the search options when you add a new book is Doghouse, the Pedia programs' own database. Doghouse is built for and by Pedia users and can hold book data in all languages and for all countries.

Contributing to Doghouse

Any user with Bookpedia 5.0 or higher can register to contribute data to the Doghouse. Contributions to Doghouse never include personal fields such as Comments or custom fields. The only personal data uploaded is your 'My Rating' info to add to the cumulative Doghouse rating of an entry. Below you'll find a full list of fields uploaded to Doghouse when you contribute data:

ASIN, Author, Awards, Characters, Children's Level, Colorist, Creator, Dewey, Dimensions, Edition, Editor, Format, Genre, Illustrator, Inker, ISBN, Issue, Language, LCC, Letterer, Original Title, Pages, Penciller, Place Published, Price, Publisher, Release Date, Series, Subjects, Summary, Title, Translator, Volume

Your Pedia Library in Doghouse

You can access your contributed entries online any time; a great option for sharing your database with friends without the hassle of exporting information first. For a full description of how it works, check out this how to page.

Becoming a moderator

As with any website or forum, some inaccurate or inadequate information might slip in. To avoid this, we invite users to become moderators and help us check the incoming data on a regular basis. If you're interested in becoming a moderator for Doghouse, click here.

Moderators should have good attention to detail and a reasonably fast internet connection. :)

Moderating Doghouse

After we have confirmed you as a moderator and you have followed the instructions on resetting your program to moderator status, you have two different ways of moderating entries. You can either do it online at or directly within Bookpedia using the special collections explained below. Check out both options and see which one suits your style better. (The online one is much more powerful and lets you do batch updates of fields and values as well as duplicates while the in-app option is more straight-forward work on one entry at a time.)

The changes for Doghouse moderation include:
The "Doghouse: New" Collection

Every entry that's added to Doghouse will go through this collection at some point so the moderators can check for errors, missing images or information. To avoid overload, 50 entries are shown at a time. Moderators will only see those entries that correspond to their computer's language, i.e. if your computer is set to English then you will only see Doghouse entries that are listed as 'en' in the new Locale Language column.

If you see an entry with information that doesn't fit your locale, change the fields to match. For example, if you are in the US and the entry "The Lord of the Rings" lists the price in British Pounds (£), change it to US Dollars ($). Doghouse will save this information in a separate locale table so that it can then display whatever data is pertinent, depending on the locale a search is made from.

The "Doghouse: Approve" Collection

This collection holds entries that have already been moderated once in the Doghouse: New collection. It's basically a double-check to make sure that the data really is correct.

The "Doghouse: Approve Comics" Collection

This collection holds comic entries that have already been moderated once in the Doghouse: New collection. It's basically a double-check to make sure that the data is correct and that it's really a comic.

Pro Tip: By default the Doghouse collections will only show you the latest 50 entries. If you'd like to expand that number, for example to 100, run the application Terminal found in Application/Utilities and copy paste the following into the window, followed by a return:

defaults write com.bruji.bookpedia "Doghouse Items" -int 100

The Locale Language column

This moderator-only column displays the language of the computer from which the entry was uploaded. Locale Languages are always two letters and lowercase. For example, if your computer's language is set to German then the language shown in the Locale Language column would be "de".
If the locale language column for an entry does not match the information, i.e. the information is clearly in German but the language is set to 'en', change it to 'de'. If you do not know what language the entry is in, leave it as is and another moderator will take care of it.

Here is a short list of common languages and their locale abbreviations:
English = en
German = de
French = fr
Italian = it
Spanish = es
Dutch = nl
Portuguese = pt

You can find a full list of language codes here (use the 639-1 column).

Mirror Selection

This moderator-only menu command found under the Doghouse menu lets you edit any entry in your database that's already part of Doghouse (i.e. it has a DogTag number assigned already) and upload it exactly as it is shown in your database. This is especially important for updating cover images.

Delete Selection

This moderator-only menu command found under the Doghouse menu lets you delete any entry from the Doghouse. Please use this command sparingly and only as a last resort when an entry simply cannot be fixed through editing.

Approve Selection

This moderator-only menu command found under the Doghouse menu lets you mark an entry as approved. Editing the entry will also mark an entry as approved.