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Importing entries

For many applications, Bookpedia has an importer which will import your data and cover images automatically. Check the list below to see if your current program is included. Otherwise you can also import data in tab or comma delimited (CSV) format. Just make sure you include a header row to make the matching of the columns easier and to avoid the first line of the database getting lost during import. To import the library from another Pedia user, a .bookpedia file is the best way to go.

To give you the chance to check that the import went correctly, the entries will be put into a library-independent collection first. These are marked with a grey collection icon instead of a blue one. To make the import part of your library:

To import data from Bookpedia (a backup for example), follow these steps:

Importers from other applications

Importing entries from Delicious Library

Importing entries from Booxter

Importing entries from Books

Importing entries from Collectorz

Importing entries from Intelli Scanner Media Collector