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A free, open-source manual page viewer for your browser. It parses man pages and provides them in an easy to read format. The pages have links to other man pages, http and email references--the way man pages should have been from the start.
This is a small Cocoa app for developers, to scan UPC and EAN barcodes from an internal or external iSight or any firewire camera. The BarcodeScanner file can be incorporated into any Cocoa project and the usage is demonstrated in the Controller file.

Plug-in architecture in the Pedia programs

A plug-in is a small software that adds functionality to the Pedias and extends their capabilities. It allows third-party developers and users to add new features and customize the Pedias just by installing a new plug-in. There are two distinctive abilities:

Search plug-ins are for searching and downloading more information about a movie, book, album or game; in the same manner that 'Get Advanced Info' gathers more results.

The other type of plug-in is a menu plug-in. If you have menu plug-ins installed, you will have a small plug-in icon on your menu bar, right next to the Help menu. From there you can access a command for each plug-in. If the command operates on your database it only does so on the entries that are selected. You could have plug-ins that print the current selection, plug-ins that add the top 10 sold movies of the week to your collection, plug-ins that download your Netflix queue or plug-ins that export the selected entry to ebay for sale. The possibilities are endless.

If you're interested in writing your own search plug-in, check out our plug-ins site.
This little application, Deskspace, was Conor's entry for the Ironcoder 4 contest. The challenge was to create an application using Core Image, within 48 hours. The theme of the contest was space.